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What our customers say about us

Palo Alto, CA

"As a company, Network Focus applies a level of energy and passion to their work that is truly uncommon. The firm’s founder, Homer Jamison, is available at all hours and able to quickly switch among the most detailed or the highest level of subjects. I find especially valuable his ability to quickly quote accurate prices on the entire range of hardware and software items and his suggestions on lower cost alternatives. 

Network Focus goes beyond fixing things that break; they are constantly thinking about the overall IT strategy and are in sync with my company's mission.  They will not automatically agree but will push you to think through your strategy. Their high standard of quality and efficiency encourages a similar high standard in all areas that are affected by IT. With them as our partner, they make my company better and they do it at a reasonable and predictable cost

I would not hesitate to recommend Network Focus to anyone that relies on technology in their business."

Steve Leen, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Network Focus client since 2006